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    Creating Your Own cryptocorin for our clubs

    Friends, cryptocurrency is the future for online payments, so we decided to create our own cryptocurrency for our forums; clubbingbuy and investclubbing

    We plan to create such a coin so that everyone can benefit from using it, for example, discounts on participation in joint purchases and much more.

    Also, each holder will be able to earn

    A commission of 5% of each transaction is redistributed between token holders. This means that you can earn more coins by keeping them in your wallet.

    It is important to us the opinion of each participant on whether we should create our own crypto coin

    If we see that the participants are interested in this, we will open a collective collection to invest in the creation of this cryptocurrency. Where each participant will be able to invest any amount in this project and upon completion receive the equivalent of the invested amount in a club coin

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    Buena idea.
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    Tal vez usted tiene alguna adiciĆ³n o sugerencia?
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    Siempre tuve la idea de crear un sistema que se retroalimente, por ejemplo:

    Bots para forex/binary/lo que sea, pero que solo puedan ser comprados por mi crypto. Ademas, para desbloquear niveles (si queres ganar mas dinero), tenes que quemar crypto. Tengo todo armado en la cabeza, me falta solamente un buen robot, jajaja
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    do you understand this?
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    Yes, of course!
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    how can we discuss this?