Request Forex Big Account Investment 20% Return per 3 month

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just wanted to create an forex group account which is calling all investors that interested with it.
    So we will use an EA to trade into the forex account.

    - What broker we will use ?
    Will using Octa-Fx as a broker and with free swap account inside.

    - What is the drawdown of the account ?.
    For sure it can be go to 15-20% max.

    - How is the profits split ?.
    On this investment will be call just for 3 or 5 people, less is good.
    if 3 People join with this, we can do a share for 20% each.
    if 5 it will be 12% each.

    - How is the calculation about the profits or shares ?
    We will do a withdraw by 3 months cycle. So we will calculate the overall profits on that 3 months and do the profits splits.

    That's for an answers that maybe you guys wanted to ask for.

    - Target Fundrise is $5k (more is better)
    - Target profit each month is 15% - 500%+ (it depends of the robot works)
    - Profitability of the EA is from 60% - 90%+ (It depends of each months works), 50% its not that low compare to other EA, cause the EA is just running one trade at a time, so we will not have a lots of trades and its a plus point to maintain the sustainable of the account capital.
    - Will using just one pairs to maintain the DD, so the goals is reach nice growth or profit and make it long term.

    This is a data that you can use for resource of knowledge:

    And this is a signals for the EA:
    (Its just for resource of this investment programs)

    Btw if all investors later agree, we can do a compound profits to make the account more bigger just by the profits without antoher deposits, so the $ profits amount will be more than before. But don't worry the 3 month cycle withdraw or profits split will keep going with another mechanism of the profits split calculation, maybe we will do a withdraw for 50% from the overall profts by that 3 months and then calculate the profits splits. But we will talk about that later.

    If you have any question just give a reply to this thread, i will try to answer it ASAP.

    That's it,
    Thanks for your attention all.
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