Request Group investment proposals.

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    Group investment proposals.

    In this section we accept applications for joint investment.
    Only legal ways. You can describe the scheme and we will consider it.
    Online business
    Offline business
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    Can we use north east way EA and using MAM account to gain profit faster? because there are many who are trading for living from that EA

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  4. Harsh

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    Ok so how's this investment gonna be work?
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    hi so I have a martingale strategy that works. yes people run away from martingale because they don't know how basic statistical mathematics work so i use it every so often to make a little cash on the sideline now and then when i need it. we can pay programmers to program an automation of the strategy (I know some of the admin buddies on this forum is programmers) but yeah i think if you run this strategy indefinitely you will get banned from the bookmakers the chance of loosing everything is very low about 10%
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    Hello everyone. I propose to buy the license for further replication of the adviser! Friends, the time is not easy and it is better for each individual to have his own online business. And what could be simpler and more profitable than a trading expert? That's nothing! I offer my development, my brainchild, my gold mine. I share for pennies, so to speak. The money from the sale will be used to increase the trading capital. Then I close the sales, because you understand.
    ParadiseWay Advisor.
    1. Monitoring on myfxbook.
    2. Monitoring on myfxbook.
    3 working pairs. Dynamic loss control. The inputs are based on a pattern that is known only to me. I attach a demo version of MT5, tester-only. You can test with real ticks as you like. You can download this version at the bottom of this message. There is a version for both MT5 and MT4. Both versions work synchronously. However, it still depends on the broker, there may be some discrepancies due to the difference in prices by several points. Because of this, candles sometimes do not close at the same levels. In general, it does not matter.
    The overall result is still positive. Default settings. Nothing needs to be changed. Put on a pair of AUDNZD, timeframe 1M. The basic principle of working with an adviser is to put it on a VPS and that's it. Don't touch him. Just watch, it's better with the investor's password. There is no need to try to improve anything. You'll only make it worse anyway. If your trading instruments have prefixes or postfixes, add them in the EA settings. Or write to me in the cart, I will help. Although here the child will cope. In the Navigator window, be sure to add the working pairs AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD, so that the quotes go constantly. Advisor license: For 4 of any of your accounts. After payment, you send me your account numbers and I compile a version of the Expert Advisor for them. If you don't have 4 accounts now, I can do it on the ones that are. And in the future, write to me in the cart, I will add more accounts until you select all 4 accounts.
    The cost of the adviser is 499 USDT (TRC20).